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Made this as my first assignment in my 2D animation class. We had to do a bouncing ball animation but our professor said we can be creative with it. So naturally, I turned it into Sonic. XP

It’s kinda sloppy as I rushed to get it done in time.

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I’m Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog! by RGXSuperSonic

First off, this is “NOT” a 3D model. I completely painted this in Paint Tool Sai in about 3 days. I went all out on the detail trying to make it look like the 3D models as close as possible. I even applied textures!


  1. Skin texture for Sonic’s peach areas.
  2. Dog nose texture for Sonic’s nose.
  3. Gold texture for Sonic’s belt buckle.
  4. Wool texture for Sonic’s socks.
  5. White leather texture for Sonic’s gloves and straps on his shoes.

Special thanks:

  • Skribtoons” for the clouds brush settings in Paint Tool Sai so I could draw the scratches on Sonic’s shoes.
  • MOG”, for always drawing alongside me on Picarto. You are awesome and I can’t say it enough!
  • Also, thanks to all of my followers who watched me paint it live on my Picarto!
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